…new impulses lead to positive change…

Virtual leadership impulses…

Virtual leadership impulses: some concrete examples of virtual leadership impulses to make your web meetings more interactive and rewarding. Make your virtual leadership refreshingly different, positive and engaging for your international virtual team members. Remember, these are only a few impulses to spark your imagination; every team develops its own unique culture and requires specific leadership interventions.  Connect with us and talk about making your virtual leadership real!

Team slide

Are you one of those virtual leaders who lead so many different virtual teams that you might actually catch yourself wondering what exact team conference call you are dialing into at the moment?!

Well, it may seem obvious…

Start by giving your team members a face; give them their face; give us our face as a team!

Start every virtual meeting with a team slide so it is easier for members to visualize who they are working with and which face to connect with what voice. For humans. a face means almost everything especially in the virtual space. When you visualize the team, you actually help call it into being.  A team slide is a good starting point for lots of interactive activities using markup tools and can help make your virtual meeting much more engaging. A face is so important…

(note: to protect privacy of real team members, these team slides have been made anonymous)

Icebreakers and warm ups

You have been there. At the start of practically every international virtual meeting, it goes something like this:

Sanjay: It has been so hot in Bangalore the past few days. 37 degrees, unbearable!

Holger: In Leverkusen, it is cloudy and rainy since days…

Jennifer: Really? It has been really nice in Amsterdam…

“Weather reporting” can get a little tired after a few times.  Imagine a virtual leader who has prepared an icebreaker – maybe even one related to the actual meeting topic – in advance.

Creative icebreakers and warm ups can really help international virtual team members relax and feel comfortable with each other at the very start of a meeting –  before getting down to business. Minor interventions designed to make us smile together as a team and allow for unpredictable human interplay really pay off in helping to build trust. If we feel – even virtually – like real humans together, we can overcome conflict much more easily when it erupts.  These interactions aren’t just fun and games; the science indicates that building trust is what effective virtual leaders do.

Partnerships or team buddies

As virtual team leaders, we need to think about interpersonal intercultural dynamics a lot. Partner people with each other to make talking to each other virtually the “normal” thing to do.  Things are easier with one person to accompany us. Build trust consciously and virtually one partnership at a time.  Create situations where partners have to deliver to and for each other.  Partners self-organizing leads to entire teams self-organizing. That frees up a lot of time for leaders to actually lead!

(note: to protect privacy of team members these team slides have been made anonymous)

Virtual recognition

When working virtually it sometimes seems that all the hard work we have been doing may get lost in the vast space of virtuality. That is why it is especially important, from a motivational standpoint, to create opportunities where recognition for accomplishments can be expressed. Team leads, as well as fellow team members, need to have opportunities to interject positive impulses in an enjoyable and culturally appropriate way.  When was the last time you shared gourmet chocolate cake with your team for a job well done?

Asking for feedback

Leaders often work on assumptions, yet we all have blind spots and those blind spots can become mission critical when working in the ambiguous, intercultural virtual environment. Creating a positive environment of constant feedback can go a long way in providing orientation for every team member. In the virtual space, we need to make providing frequent feedback just the normal way to do things if we are to collaborate effectively.

Other leadership and team-building interventions

There are a lot of major elements you can deploy to make your team communications more effective and increase the interactivity of your virtual meetings. There are also many minor things you can implement to help provide your team with better orientation like simply having a clear agenda, using of visuals to underscore your message, rotating meeting roles and having an outlook slide to focus on next steps.  Tap into our resources and learn to implement many different kinds of interactive approaches to make your virtual collaboration more engaging… more real!

それを現実のもの! Rendre réel! осуществи свою мечту! Renderlo realtà! Lass es Realität werden! اجعلها حقيقية Trasformalo in realtà! hayallerini gerçekleştir! 让它变为现实 ! Hazlo real! Make it real! Torná-la real! .