Impulses to intensify your effectiveness…

Virtual leadership impulses…

Virtual leadership impulses: some concrete examples of virtual leadership impulses to make your web meetings more interactive and rewarding. Make your virtual leadership refreshingly different, positive and engaging for your international virtual team members. Remember, these are only a few impulses to spark your imagination; every team develops its own unique culture and requires specific leadership interventions.  Connect with us and talk about making your virtual leadership real!

Virtual recognition

When working virtually it sometimes seems that all the hard work we have been doing may get lost in the vast space of virtuality. That is why it is especially important, from a motivational standpoint, to create opportunities where recognition for accomplishments can be expressed. Team leads, as well as fellow team members, need to have opportunities to interject positive impulses in an enjoyable and culturally appropriate way.  When was the last time you shared gourmet chocolate cake with your team for a job well done?

Other leadership and team-building interventions

There are a lot of major elements you can deploy to make your team communications more effective and increase the interactivity of your virtual meetings. There are also many minor things you can implement to help provide your team with better orientation like simply having a clear agenda, using of visuals to underscore your message, rotating meeting roles and having an outlook slide to focus on next steps.  Tap into our resources and learn to implement many different kinds of interactive approaches to make your virtual collaboration more engaging… more real!

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