Nikola Heidrich


“I had the opportunity to work with Nikola in 2014. She is a great coach, leader and person and is always willing to share her knowledge and experience.
I hope I have the chance to work with Nikola again in the future.”

“As my coach Nikola was very patient and yet persistent in asking me questions to probe into my situation, which helped me enormously to pinpoint my real problem. She was also very constructive in providing me with relevant information that I needed.
By the time we finished our coaching session, I was not only a lot more clear on what I wanted and what I should do, but also I felt a lot more secure about myself.
Nikola is a very empathetic person and has always demonstrated a highly consistent and professional level of expertise and ethics in her work with me. I appreciated a lot working with Nikola.”

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Nikola Heidrich during her time as coach for the BayWay course. Nikola accompanied me throughout the course and I experienced her as a very professional coach with profound knowledge and experience. Due to her pleasant personality I immediately trusted her and any conversation led to satisfying results. I enjoyed very much working with her.”

“Nicola was my coach in the 2014 Bayway session. Her working style is very professional. I learned a lot with her mentoring. If anyone need a coach I can highly recommend her.”

“I worked with Nikola the first four years of the creation of REA Deutschland. She was a very constructive and helpful HR manager in a period where we tried to build a very new organization on a very new basis with profiles she recruited such as branch Directors, financial managers or salespeople. She was focused on the strategic targets as well on the short term goals. She was a very high added value for the board and an efficient support for the 22 branches we managed together. In this period the volume of the branches was doubled reaching 23000 cars sold per year. When I left, we were about 1200 people instead of 550 at the beginning. Her experience, personality and her professional approach was for me a very important help to achieve the goals of the company.”

“We worked together between 2002 and 2006. For Renault Nissan Berlin she supported me with her knowledge regarding HR Planning, Recruiting and legal issues occuring regularly with 300 people to manage.
As HR Manager for RRG she had to manage lots of different issues. She was always clear in her communication and commited to the company strategy.
She was recognized as trusted adviser. She managed also difficult situation with bravour.”

“Nikola is an amazing professional, highly motivated and with a lot of knowledge to share. My contact with her was extremely positive especially for her enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility. The quality of her job has always been superb, and on time. Nikola offers excellent services as she has a deep understanding and great knowledge about the “Human Resources”( si es que trabaja en eso) . She is a driven results orientated person. Nikola is very dedicated and a very nice person to deal with who has developed a great professional network.”