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We have collected a wealth of digital leadership web resources to support you in our three specialist areas:

Each digital leadership resource pool is under the respective sub-menu. You will find weblinks to blog posts, articles, and tried-and-tested resources that we have developed @ virtual-teamwork.com. We constantly update these so, if you have tools and ideas to share here, then please get in touch. We would be happy to review and add them to the pool so that others can discover new approaches and perspectives too! Don’t forget to bookmark these pages so you can find the updates easily. Please share these resources with other digital leaders so they may profit from our experience.

Caveat: We have reviewed each contribution here for its merits, and, while we might not always entirely agree with the opinions expressed, we believe that each one presents great value to the critical reader. Some contributions contain redundancies that we thought deserved to be included despite some duplication. You will notice that some of the links are those of our apparent ‘competitors.’  In those cases, we considered that the information value represented to you would be greater than the potential loss of business to us. We are confident that our professional profile, quality of work, and consultancy range distinguishes us from the rest.

We regularly publish concrete tools that we developed, like icebreakers, warmups, and feedback slides, and encourage you to try these out with your teams/attendees/learners.  Let us know how each worked in your context and how they might be optimized.

All of these contributions help us move forward with digital leadership, and we are grateful for that!

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