How we might proceed together in project steps:

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How we work:

We find inspiration in our work because we:

  • work with a systemic approach: We ask a lot of questions because it is important to see beyond your immediate demands and to formulate understandings of the systemic impacts. That means we need to see a bigger picture and understand the potential effects of interventions taken. Understanding the needs of stakeholders and the overriding strategic goals of the organization are essential. Many times, this involves taking a bird’s eye perspective on the current situation to craft measures to make the desired future state more likely.
  • offer custom approaches: The situation you find yourself in is unique and requires highly-targeted interventions based on a solid foundation of understanding.
  • believe in human focus: Trust and relationship building is essential in the virtual space. In order to work and learn together as a team, a learning group or a collaborative partner in a web conference, we need to feel that we belong and that we can make a meaningful contribution.
  • operate in an agile way; We are not afraid to change to meet new needs mid-stream. Detailed planning is important but should not be followed blindly.
  • live a constant culture of feedback; Constant feedback is essential to keep our own assumptions in check and to assure we are doing the best we possibly can for you so that you can achieve your strategic goals efficiently and effectively. Before we give you feedback, we ask what style is culturally appropriate for you.
  • absolutely thrive on diversity; We are experienced experts on cross-cultural competence and gender balance. We know the benefits diverse teams and learning groups bring to any undertaking and consciously design for maximum diversity in every project we do.

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How we don’t work:

We do not:

  • offer any one-size-fits-all solutions; we know every client has unique needs
  • tell you what to do; we work with you to develop the best solutions and approaches for you and your organization
  • say which web conference tools you should use; we use the tools your organization has already decided to use
  • design ‘click tunnels’; e-learning makes sense when it is truly interactive, collaborative and social
  • engage face-to-face when the topic is a virtual one; the best way to learn about virtual-related topics is to actually use virtual tools
  • take care of technical issues; although we are familiar with practically every web conferencing tool on the market, we serve you best by focusing on the virtual-psychological aspects and not on technology
  • compromise confidentiality; we earn trust of team leaders, members and learners who show weaknesses and vulnerabilities at times in order to advance to the next step in their development. We never betray that trust they place in us.

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