Take advantage of diverse perspectives!

Use combined resources to open new perspectives

To best support you with a range of expert perspectives, we draw from a knowledgeable and highly experienced core team. We also work with a selection of associate organizations with whom we have built up reliable partnerships over years of successful cooperation.

The core team reflects our beliefs that a high degree of expertise, emotional intelligence, and gender balance contribute to solutions for our clients that support them most effectively in reaching their overriding strategic goals through virtual interaction.

We are here to support you:

  • Michael A. Tighe, Founder, virtual-teamwork.com
  • Nikola Heidrich, Independent Associate, heidrichconsulting.com
  • Laura Schwan, Independent Associate, skillesence.com

Core team experts:

Michael A. Tighe

Michael A. Tighe

Founder, virtual-teamwork.com
Nikola Heidrich

Nikola Heidrich

Independent Associate
Laura Schwan

Laura Schwan

Independent Associate

Associated project partners

Associated project partners:

Heidrich Consulting

Heidrich Consulting Logo

Since 2015 – numerous global projects

Customer Centric Management

customer centric management Logo

Since 2018 – multiple global projects

Merle & Sheppard

Merle & Sheppard Logo

Since 2017 – multiple global projects


Skillesense Logo

Since 2016 – multiple global projects


Lebenskunst Logo

Since 2017 – multiple global projects

LSI Berlin

LSI Berlin Logo

Since 2017 – multiplel global projects