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Leading intercultural virtual teams is our world.

Discover virtual leadership:

If you are a leader of virtual teams in the global corporate environment and you need to improve your virtual leadership skills with an individual training and coaching approach that is focused on your real needs, then you can profit from our deep expertise in this area.

We invite you to experience virtual leadership in unconventional and refreshingly different ways.

Take the opportunity to gain more confidence and build mastery in applying the virtual leadership insights you have learned – hands on – in a positive and safe environment.

Reflect for a moment on your personal virtual leadership transformation; with an experienced partner, it is easier for you to develop effective virtual leadership interventions that are authentic, effective and based on your own concrete day-to-day global leadership realities.  Implement your virtual leadership approaches appropriately via the very web-based communication tools you use at work everyday.

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Find out more about who we are, what we have done, and who we work with.

We normally interact virtually, but, be assured that – behind the electronics and satellites  – we are real, flesh-and-blood human beings.  Even when we interact virtually, we focus on the fact that you too are a real, flesh-and-blood human being! This basic concept is really what we are all about.

We have experienced a lot in global virtuality and we know one thing:

When you make your own personal virtual leadership more human, you make it real!

让它变为现实 !

We can definitely help...

Take just a few seconds and reflect: What might be the best action to take when it comes to better articulating your personal virtual leadership ambitions? What is a positive direction to move in?

What interventions could help you to realize a more effective and authentic virtual leadership?

Get an impression of the range of learning interventions we have successfully executed with many types of international leaders. Discover some of the approaches that, from our perspective, are absolutely key in building high performing virtual international teams.

make it real!

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Of course, your virtual leadership is entirely in your own hands. That is a great thing! Take a second decisive step to make your virtual leadership more positive and effective for you – and also for every one of your virtual team members.

We have vast experience and deep subject knowledge that you can profit directly from. Simply reach out to us to explore how we can best help you in mastering the complex leadership challenges you face in your virtual leadership today. It is entirely up to you to begin your commitment to…


осуществи свою мечту! Rendre réel! Hazlo real! Renderlo realtà! Lass es Realität werden! اجعلها حقيقية Trasformalo in realtà! hayallerini gerçekleştir! 让它变为现实 ! Make it real! それを現実のもの! Torná-la real! .


Who exactly is behind virtual teamwork?

You can unlock the potential of a small network of very experienced coaches and trainers, physically based in Germany, who concentrate exclusively on the topic of virtual intercultural teamwork and team leadership. We work systematically and have all lead hundreds of virtual sessions in training and coaching of leaders primarily in the corporate sector. This is what we do every day: Europe and Asia Pacific in the mornings and APAC and Europe in the afternoons. We learn from virtual leaders …every day.

The core team @ virtual-teamwork.com consists of:

  • Michael A. Tighe, Founder and virtual intercultural leadership expert with focus on cross-cultural management and systemic coaching
  • Nikola Heidrich, Associate and virtual intercultural leadership expert with focus on HR and systemic coaching
  • Laura Schwan, Associate, psychologist and business coach with specialization in work and organizational psychology, virtual intercultural leadership expert

We also work together with an extensive team of reliable and highly qualified coaches, psychologists and country-specific intercultural experts whose support we draw upon depending on client requirements. We cooperate extensively with Merle & Sheppard and Movendo Consulting

All of our virtual-teamwork team members are highly competent and extremely knowledgeable. We all embody a positive, systemic, and appreciative attitude towards our clients. Our primary focus is on understanding where you are exactly in your virtual leadership and helping you get to where you want to be – for you and for your team! We focus on helping you make it real…

What kind of training and coaching do you typically do?

At virtual teamwork you have access to many different types of programs, all centered on increasing effectiveness of virtual intercultural leadership. We usually operate in a corporate context. We can give you both purely virtual programs, i.e. conducted via web conferencing tools with global clients, and/or well as face-to-face training. We are quite experienced in blended learning strategies, where the two forms of learning interaction are combined to provide the unique advantages that co-located training and distance learning can offer. Each type of format has advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of coaching, face -to-face coaches abound, and there are tangible advantages to this form of conventional coaching. We offer you very experienced virtual coaches who also specialize in cross-cultural coaching. The virtual intercultural coaching environment is relatively new and presents many exciting challenges as well as opportunities that were never possible before. Although dramatically different from sitting in the same room face-to-face, the virtual coaching environment offers you many freedoms and can be even more effective than face-to-face coaching.

In many cases, we offer a combination of virtual intercultural leadership training combined with coaching approaches to support implementation of  better virtual strategies and new leadership behaviors. We do not offer “standard”, “out-of-the-box”, types of training for virtual intercultural leadership. We are absolutely convinced that each team develops its own unique culture and every leadership context is very different.  From our perspective, understanding the uniqueness of every virtual team is key to establishing the right level of trust and working effectively.  Any training or coaching approach must take this perspective into account .

It is a challenge to describe what a “typical” training looks like exactly, as every team leadership situation is so different.  Still, there are often common elements that we integrate in training at virtual-teamwork. Here just a few common concepts that might make things more concrete for you:

  • we usually engage our virtual leaders in a combined training and coaching process so they can reflect on what they can use in their real-life context
  • leaders are typically trained together as quasi team members so they can experience virtual intercultural teamwork from the team member perspective
  • the elements we bring into our virtual leadership training are exactly the elements we think virtual leaders need to implement in their real-world virtual teams
  • training in virtual leadership often contains elements of improving the basic technical skills in using media, media appropriateness i.e. when to use which media to convey which message
  • more advanced training involves higher-level psychological aspects of both virtual as well as intercultural considerations. We often explore lateral leadership principles and focus on how you can lead when you are not the formal boss
  • one absolutely core focus is making any training and any virtual teamwork as interactive as possible

We always focus exclusively on specific client needs and these are determined through asking the right questions and listening very carefully.

Tell us about what you have experienced and learned!

How can I figure out what kind of training and coaching is best for me and my situation?

To help you think about what format might be right for your needs, a few examples can make visualizing more concrete. We have conducted a very wide range of training/coaching programs with a diverse spectrum of leadership clients. Some concrete examples of formats include:

  • a group of 16 leaders, a one-day, face-to-face, intensive, interactive overview of cultural differences between two national cultures and what those differences mean in terms of virtual communication strategies and trust-building
  • a group of 80 international leaders, a comprehensive virtual program followed by a one-week face-to-face workshop on  the topic areas: leading virtual teams, intercultural awareness, leading in complex environments and leading through change processes.
  • a group of 20 international leaders, a three-day face-to-face interactive workshop on Leading Virtual Teams which starts with a virtual pre-session and ends with a virtual post-session
  • two teams of eight leaders, an interactive ten-session, purely virtual program on intercultural virtual leadership conducted worldwide
  • 12 medical experts, a live virtual peer advice session to gather perspectives and reflections on a dilemma presented by one case owner

Talk to us, the range of possibilities is wide and your specific needs determine the format and content.

(All modesty aside, we consistently earn best feedback status in evaluations after having delivered these programs…)

How much does a coaching or training program cost?

We aren’t cheap and we hope that you are not necessarily looking for a “cheap” solution.

We invest a lot in focusing on listening exactingly to your needs. We learn and really enjoy doing that, and we do it absolutely for free…

Costs: Once we understand your needs, we develop a virtual intercultural leadership/collaboration program that fits your specific context. For this, we invoice a daily design fee depending on how many days we need to invest in developing a program that is optimal for your context. Every context is very different and naturally requires very different interventions. We do not have a “standard” solution for you, so, while we want to be absolutely transparent, we cannot give you a “standard” price.

In terms of typical coaching hourly rates and training day fees, our pricing is within the average range for face-to-face trainers and certified coaches according to the BVTR (based in Germany).

For you, this means you are getting subject experts in the highly specialized and complex field of virtual intercultural leadership and collaboration.  Not only are we experts on the topic, we also are also specialists in delivering virtual leadership topics interactively through blended learning.

We have witnessed time and time again that organizations, just like yours, often lose so much potential due to ineffective virtual leadership and intercultural teamwork.  The science on the topic supports our observations.

We are absolutely convinced that our expertise can help you and your organisation in ways that will really pay off for you!

What are your terms and conditions?

Terrestrially, we are based in Germany and operate internationally. Our terms and conditions are in German but please contact us should you need them in your language: 

Anlage: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

1 Gestaltung des Auftrages

1.1 Nach Auftragserteilung (per Email, Brief oder Telefon) gelten die im Folgenden beschriebenen

allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingen.

1.2 Der Auftragnehmer erbringt die im Angebot beschriebene Dienstleistung. Er führt seine Tätigkeit

frei von Weisungen aus. Ein Arbeitsverhältnis mit dem Auftraggeber wird dadurch nicht


1.3 Die Vertragspartner unterrichten sich gegenseitig über alle Umstände, die für den Auftrag

und seine Ausführung bedeutsam sind.

2 Stornierung

2.1 Der Auftraggeber ist berechtigt, den Auftrag schriftlich zu stornieren. Eine Stornierung bis zu

sechs Wochen vor dem vereinbarten Termin ist für den Auftraggeber kostenfrei. Bei einer

Stornierung bis zu vier Wochen vor dem Termin ist ein Ausfallhonorar von 25 % des vereinbarten

Honorars zu zahlen, bis zu zwei Wochen vorher von 50 % und bis zu einer Woche vorher von

75 %. Bei einer Stornierung innerhalb einer Woche vor dem vereinbarten Termin ist das volle

vereinbarte Honorar fällig. Maßgeblich ist der Eingang des Stornierungsschreibens beim


2.2 Kann durch höhere Gewalt, Krankheit, Unfall oder eine sonstige vom Auftragnehmer

unverschuldete Verhinderung die Veranstaltung nicht zum vereinbarten Termin stattfinden, ist

der Auftragnehmer verpflichtet, alsbald möglich einen Ersatztermin zu benennen. Bei Wegfall der

Veranstaltung aus den vorgenannten Gründen sind Schadensersatzansprüche des

Auftraggebers gegen den Auftragnehmer ausgeschlossen.

3 Honorar und Kostenerstattung

3.1 Die vereinbarten Honorare und Preise verstehen sich zuzüglich der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen

Mehrwertsteuer. Rechnungen sind sofort nach Zugang ohne Abzug zahlbar. Zahlungen sind für

den Zahlungsempfänger grundsätzlich kostenfrei zu leisten. Dies gilt auch für Zahlungen aus

dem Ausland und auch dann, wenn eine Transaktionsgebühr anfällt.

3.2 Gegebenenfalls anfallende Fahrt- und Übernachtungskosten sind nicht im Preis enthalten und

werden vom Auftraggeber übernommen. Fahrten werden mit einem Kilometerpreis von 0,30 €

pro gefahrenem Kilometer bzw. für Bahnreisen mit dem Ticketpreis der 2. Klasse in Rechnung

gestellt. Übernachtungen werden gesondert geregelt. Sämtliche evtl. anfallende zusätzliche

Kosten für Veranstaltungsräume, Catering etc. sind in den Honorarkosten nicht enthalten, sofern

nicht anders vereinbart.

4 Urheberrecht

4.1 Die vom Auftragnehmer bereitgestellten Materialien unterliegen dem Urheberrecht des

Auftragnehmers. Sie werden den Veranstaltungsteilnehmern ausschließlich zum persönlichen

Gebrauch überlassen. Weitere Nutzungsrechte werden nicht übertragen.

4.2 Der Auftraggeber versichert, dass der Verwendung von Unterlagen, die er dem Auftragnehmer

zur Verfügung stellt, keine Urheber- und/oder sonstigen Rechte entgegenstehen.

4.3 Durch den Vertrag mit dem Auftraggeber wird der Auftragnehmer nicht daran gehindert,

gleichartige Veranstaltungen für eigene Rechnung oder für Rechnung Dritter durchzuführen.

5 Haftung

Die im Angebot beschriebene Dienstleistung wird nach dem aktuellen Wissensstand sorgfältig

vorbereitet und durchgeführt. Für erteilten Rat und dessen Verwertung übernimmt der

Auftragnehmer keine Haftung, soweit ihm nicht Vorsatz oder grobe Fahrlässigkeit vorzuwerfen ist

oder zwingende gesetzliche Bestimmungen einem Haftungsausschluss entgegenstehen.

6 Vertraulichkeit und Datenschutz

Die Vertragspartner werden die personenbezogenen und wirtschaftlichen Daten, die ihnen

durch den Auftrag bekannt werden, sowie die Einzelheiten dieses Vertrages,

vertraulich und nach den geltenden Bestimmungen des Datenschutzes behandeln.

7 Schlussklausel

7.1 Mündliche Nebenabreden wurden nicht getroffen. Änderungen und Ergänzungen des

Vertrages bedürfen der Schriftform. Das gilt auch für eine Änderung dieser Schriftformklausel.

7.2 Die vorstehenden allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen gelten ausschließlich. Anderslautenden

AGB wird widersprochen.

7.3 Sollte eine Bestimmung des Vertrages oder dieser AGB unwirksam sein oder werden,

bleibt der Vertrag im Übrigen gültig. Die Vertragsparteien werden eine Ersatzregelung

vereinbaren, die der ursprünglichen möglichst nahe kommt.

How much do you focus on sustainable learning?

You can take advantage of our specialist know-how in the area of blended learning and fully realize the tremendous learning effects of scheduling learning events before, during and after the “main” training event(s). This can be a f2f training week, or a virtual program of e.g. ten, 90-minute virtual sessions. The learning continuum is an essential factor for us, so we are strong believers in creating seamless learning impulses that include a “before” as well as “after” in order to assure long-term learning transfer.

As to the “after”, many of the programs we design incorporate an element to insure change in behavior and transfer in real, virtual work contexts. Making learning closely related to real work situations and making it longer-term is really the best way for adults to learn. We strongly believe that you will profit by making a strong connect with real-world situations as this will be essential for the success of your learners. Make learning sustainable by giving your people options to be coached in applying what they have learned in the real world.

You can be assured that we are very reality-based. Our programs often involve shadowing of real-life virtual meetings followed by virtual coaching and virtual feedback rounds so learners get concrete feedback on their real virtual leadership behaviors. We are extremely concrete when we focus on observable behaviours and how these are evidenced in real work situations. 

Make your learning sustainable. We often include peer advice as a method in our training so that, when leadership teams take advantage of this method virtually, external coaches are often superfluous.

We typically maintain contact with many of our former clients and they know with virtual certainty that we are always there for them any time they need support. For us, this is all part of making it real!

How do you handle confidentiality?

We work with many different international teams every day – often from the inside.  We take confidentiality extremely seriously.

Usually, when we enter an agreement to work with an enterprise, it means that we have to be integrated in our client IT structure (with a company ID, company email address, company laptop, and other internal credentials). This is all so that we can deliver virtual training and coaching via the real channels our clients deploy.  We always sign confidentiality agreements in advance of us beginning any work.

If you any have particular confidentiality concerns, please let us know your needs. We enjoy the enormous trust our clients place in us.

You can find extensive information on our privacy policies and our disclaimer here

What can I do in advance to prepare for one of your programs?

Maybe your company has announced a training program with us and you want to be as well-prepared for it as possible. We appreciate your proactivity! By the way, in all of our experience, we have identified proactivity as one of the most critical success factors in leading virtual teams, so you are moving in  the right direction already!

  • Our face-to-face trainings are very interactive so pack comfortable, casual clothing. Come well-rested please as you will expend a lot of energy.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to take risks, dare to be unconventional and get ready to move beyond your comfort zone.
  • We will create a safe environment with you; be willing to open up and share with others – really exploit your time with us.
  • You can do some basic reading on key topics beforehand, we like it when people are really informed and ask lots of questions.
  • Think about gathering resources to help you implement your ideas after the training or coaching.

Who are your clients?

A selection includes:

  • Bayer
  • Bosch
  • Carcoustics
  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences
  • Covestro
  • Ten Cate-Enbi
  • VHS Essen
  • Hanon
  • illbruck
  • Carl Duisburg Centren
  • Edumorph
  • Kraft Foods
  • Skylight
  • University of Duisburg Essen
  • FOM Hochschule
  • EU Leonardo da Vinci programme in Lifelong Learning
  • Cornelsen Publishing & Cornelsen Business Solutions
  • Voss
  • Vorwerk
  • QVC

For more details…